sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2011

Happy Thought!!!

Tô precisando de happy thoughts, after all I've just argue with my mom and brother, wich I hate to do after I do, specially under this circunstances that we're all been trough... Wich I double hate.
Any ideas??

To help this situation, I'm practically alone, no friends within a radius of 400 km... no cousins; no malls; no money; no honey mostards; no ANTM, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, movies; no more Fleur de sel; no more Barilla macaroni or Princess cookies, or italian red souce, or South African juice, or anchovas, or sashimi's tuna by the beach;  no more Elton John by morning and Kitaro by evening; no more Discovery Channel's 2012's series...
Lately, it's been just mosquitos bites, and a troubled soul that is driving me crazy, I hear compleints all the time, I hear yell all over my head...
Not that I don't like here, I do, but I need silence, I need calm...

So... what makes me happy?!!

From Couture Colorado
From Julie Whitmore Pottery
From Vintage Fairy Tales

From Paris Breakfast
From Couture Colorado
Emma that I love
From Couture Colorado
From Ralph Lauren spring 2003
Just ever love this colection